The Mobilization Palaver

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It has really been a while since I dropped something here, I’m really so occupied. Guess it’s high time I used this blog as my online journal just as I’ve planned from the outset. Where do I start?

Flashing back to two weeks ago, I can easily remember what my thoughts and endeavours were. I remember carefully editing my curriculum vitae, drafting a cover letter, surfing the internet for job openings, recruitment agencies, recruitment fairs and signing up for several job opportunity newsletters. I was doing all these simply because I needed a job prior to the supposed National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) call up come July (Batch B).

Before I proceed, I need to shed more light on the NYSC issue, and this person seeking the temporary job….

I’m a young graduate of the great university (believe me she’s great); Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), from the department of Agricultural Economics and Extension. After six (6) years of studying (including the Pre-degree and strike actions), accompanied by diverse rigours, stresses and experiences (good and bad alike…hopefully, I’ll write a piece on that soonest). I graduated with a reasonably good grade and a bright smile on my face; I’m free from the lengthy lectures, quizzes, tests and exams, project and defence activities.

Having finished the undergraduate phase, next in the line is the compulsory NYSC programme which we (fellow graduates and I) awaited earnestly…until we got the shock of our lives! A large percentage of the graduate population weren’t mobilised! Error list they call it. I was a victim. The long story cut short, we complained, did paper works, paid for regularization (seems like extortion though)…and eventually we began to accept our fate one after another, without being told — till the next batch, four months ahead.

Now you understand why I’m in dire need of a temp. job. I needed to be occupied till the next batch. These were the antecedents to my thoughts two weeks ago. I’ve already packed my little remaining belongings with my documents intact. I’ll go home, put on a well starched and ironed shirt (don’t compete with LAUTECH guys in that field, you WON’T win), hit the street and start visiting the companies/firms I see one after the other. Then something happened….

Gently watching my friend dress up to hit the campus for the final touches in his clearance (he is among the lucky ones being mobilised, I must confess I envied mates in his category), I began to recap my decisions and how to leave town that same day — in search for greener pastures. Then I got the ping on my device….it reads; “Rush down to school right now, some people on the error list have been mobilised…” Immediately, I was lame; con-totally-fused! I don’t know if I was to be happy or sad. “If I happen to be on the list, how do I get the money to get all I need now that it’s actually four (4) days to orientation camp opening? Where do I start?” I asked myself all these. I rushed down to school, and alas! I have my name written there!

Countless thoughts rushed through. “What am I going to do? Where will I get the money? Should I defer?” Well, I decided not to defer and somehow things worked out…kinda hard though.

Presently on the bunk bed provided by NYSC putting my thoughts together…many thanks to the insomnia. The cause of my sleeplessness? A story for another day.

Amidst all the long and boring story are two important lessons; points I will hold on to as long as I live. First, Man proposes; God disposes! No matter how hard we try, we don’t have the final say…He is the one in charge. Second, there are reasons for everything, we just might not be seeing the big picture from our perspective. Not a great believer of coincidence, nothing happens without a reason.

Ooops! Gotta go now, the trumpet sounds! (biggle…abi wetin dem dey call am sef). Later.

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Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69

3 thoughts on “The Mobilization Palaver

    amy said:
    March 17, 2013 at 12:14 am

    This is great and awesome! My dear, when we thought that God isn’t responding to our worries, complains, fear and so on, that is when He’s completing the job. I learnt from your story. THANKS


      Joseph responded:
      April 1, 2013 at 2:43 am

      You’re most welcome. Thanks to you too


    een stiekeme said:
    April 1, 2013 at 1:25 am

    Hello you have a nice site. I wanna thank you for posting this cool posts with us. Keep up great work!


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