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Ordinarily, I most definitely won’t do this. It’s just that this is not ordinary, and I really want to make sure I join in spreading the news. Yes! The news. The same one that has been trending for days.

The crux of the news is a very shameful one, at least to individuals with as little as an ion of humanity left in them. It’s all about a clause or provision in the constitution which grants the “full age” status to a married girl even though she’s still a child.

I will not go into details again because so many writers and concerned Nigerians had written about that already (get more of the details HERE). Rather, I’d like to briefly elaborate the scenario using a simple illustration.

First, I must commend all patriotic Nigerians on their reaction to this. At least it’s safe to know that there are still some good natured citizens in the country, in contrast to some privileged sadistic personalities in authority. The various pictures, broadcast messages and posts on blogs have spread the news like wildfire and prompted the response and publicity it so much deserves.

Nobody told us to give a young calf quality time to mature and grow into a cow before it is butchered and consumed. I’ve also not seen a sane person who will go to the market to get a 3weeks old cockerel for immediate consumption. We all know there is a ripe age for doing either of the aforementioned. Why then, can’t we wait for that child to come of ripe age before chasing her around with an erection?

It is not just a simple case of child abuse, it is also an inappropriately legalised rape!

I’m not God so I won’t say “I’m sure God detests paedophiles.” Religion aside, I’m yet to find a society or an ethnic group that welcomes paedophilia with warm embrace. It’s just morally wrong.

Childbirth deaths, infant mortality and poverty are the likely end results of her abuse. The fact that she’s young, immature and underdeveloped as a woman makes her and her baby very susceptible to labour death and infant mortality respectively.

Surviving the feat does not mean she has scaled through. She’s most likely going to drop out of school to take care of her kid and herself at such a tender age. Then another version of the vicious circle of poverty kicks off. She’s not or half educated. She has responsibilities she’s too young to carry and with no job. She contributes little or nothing to the economy. She’s a liability!

Why deprive that child of proper mental, physical, and physiological development she deserves?

Why drag her into motherhood and force a child into her when she’s just a little child herself?

To the “big men” in support of such cruelty, would you have become a senator today if you were a woman and had been married off and dragged to bed at the age of 13? Can you give your mate your 11year old daughter to marry?

Although I don’t know the exact source(s) to reference for these words, I plead to put them herein in pursuit of the achievement of this cause.

“She’s a Child, not a Bride.”

“Give her Pen, not Penis.”

“She needs Education, not Ejaculation.”

“Ask her for Books, not Boobs.”

“Pay her School fees, not Bride Price.”

“If she can’t vote, then she can’t marry.”

Join patriots in spreading the news by sharing this. Send paedophiles to exile!

Please proceed and sign a petition against the utter nonsense.


God bless you.
God bless Nigeria.
Be social by sharing.
Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69

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