A Note On The Wandering Eclipse

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A few hours ago I was a bit bored I had to fully retire to blackberry messenger (not Technoberry messenger). I clicked on the “Recent Updates” and there I saw several updates about the eclipse.

If you seriously want me to explain what an eclipse is, then…. just kidding. Back to the point. Since this particular eclipse decided to appear a state after the other and skip some others, several individuals took to twitter/bbm, giving live broadcasts of its arrival or otherwise in some cases. That’s not a crime you’ll agree with me. Some would call it a result of idleness though. Well, I’m sitting on the fence on that one.

I flexed my thumbs a bit (say I’m idle too) and decided to have fun with a girl friend (note the space) on the eclipse topic, jokingly telling her why I think some places aren’t seeing it yet. “It seems some area boys have blocked this thing en route and stopped it from showing up…” I wrote. Several other exchanges followed.

Then it happened…

Relax. Not the eclipse. Not yet. I shouldn’t have opened that new update, I probably wouldn’t have written this now, but I did. What I saw was a brief “Eclipse things”. That’s just it…but a chain of reactions began. Those two words brought to mind several related versions of other two words: wedding things, sleeping things, eating things, allawee things, makeup things, dancing things, elegusi things, isi-ewu things, purging things….

Everyone has the right to write whatever he/she wants (so long it won’t get you in trouble, jail, ridicule of writing apologies…or send assassins your way), but it’s just “somehow” when people write and update about everything and most ridiculous of things. “Purging things” is an example.

Let me be straight. I have nothing against that particular eclipse update, it was only a means to an end; a simple trigger. As a fun-loving person that I am (who isn’t?), I responded to this by thumbing more and updating my PM:

If at your age you still write “Eclipse things”, 41days fasting and prayer is your portion. May Jah relieve you. Yes, you! Don’t change that PM 🙂

Within just a few seconds a contact pinged and told me that whatever anyone writes is none of my business. Yes she’s very right. Though the time she became a human right activist still eludes me…but I let her have her way. I had to. That’s by the way. Hopefully she — and many others with the same view — will read this piece and see reasons. Hopefully.

On another very related note. This updating habit has climaxed to the point where most people sometimes neglect the important things just for the sake of first-hand broadcast. Imagine someone taking pictures of an accident victim trapped by the overturned vehicle and updating “Ghastly motor accident along Lagos-Ibadan express way” or probably a ridiculous “Accident things”, when they are actually supposed to give a helping hand.

If in the nearest future I see PMs like “drowning things”, “suicide things”, “rape things”, “abortion things” I won’t be so surprised. Shebi it is personal message? I rest my case.

It’s 6:33pm at the moment, and that ellipsis eclipse is not here yet. I’m not looking forward to it since it changes nothing; my bank account balance is still quite the same. Perhaps my “Area boys theory” is right after all.

Peradventure it decides to come around later on, I won’t mind if it would be this colourful:

Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69


4 thoughts on “A Note On The Wandering Eclipse

    Jemima said:
    November 3, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Now you just said my mind sincerely. Very soon some girls will be like child labor things. Nigerians are very talented when it comes to over-doing things.
    Please visit http://www.myloudthought.wordpress.com


    Adewoyin Joseph responded:
    November 4, 2013 at 4:58 am

    *smiles* Labour things, strike things….

    Now that almost everyone wants to be a reporter and first hand information source (including the gory and mundane), using this “talent” in the right way and not at the expense of more important things would be good. ALUU4 still bothers me.

    Thanks Jemima


    Yemie said:
    June 2, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Wow! This is a funny post, *muttering under my breath* (as is with most of your posts I’ve had the privilege of reading). *laughing*. There are a lot of attention seekers out there, dysfunctional ones for that matter. You see them put out their businesses so freely out, perhaps out of boredom, I really can’t tell. Some who’ve acquired luxury items or designer’s stuffs just put it out there on Instagram and the likes and I just shake my head and laugh at their pettiness and vanities! Well, its the technology age and I guess they’re just making the most of it, yeah? *shrugs* lolz


      Adewoyin Joseph responded:
      June 2, 2014 at 9:42 pm

      In this century, it’s like a previously vestigal or redundant part of the human brain responsible for show offs, yearn for recognition, vanity, and some two to three other bad things just came alive. It’s not gon’ stop anytime soon I know.

      Thank-you thingz ma’am :).


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