Words From A Grieving Heart

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Hellish lots going down in torrents:

A group of persons brewing turmoil

Deranged hypocrites with pinch of stale senses

Is slaying defenseless citizens war?

Privileged beings fuelling terror

Cloaked monsters behind oars of serenity

Killers that will give all to never die

Yet playing god, sending hordes to grave

Billions sublime in dollars like they grew wings

And the culprits waltz and gallivant like royalties

The bigger you steal the better your chances

Petty theft long out of vogue

Programmes to ameliorate masses’s pains

Run on budget that enriches the already rich

Hundreds claiming much of what belongs to many millions

Youthful ambitions and dreams shattered to smithereens

Embers deprived of air till they extinguish

Masses toil and sweat but get no treat

Resource curse and the peculiar mess

Thousand promises and a few dozen deliveries

Crooked minuscule executions

Multiple points agenda sheathing a single agendum:

“Granting limbs and wings to public funds”

Ample index but a rumpled people

Giant of Africa with gigantic needs

Where’s the sense in that?

A plethora of plain nonsense!

Treat the masses like a heap of mess

Peddle and gain from their ills and sufferings

Wallow in the delusion of their powerlessness

From their yearns strength and zeal shall kindle

The Greatest lifts and shifts with ease at will

How does grace to grass feels?

Ask the sovereign that fed on grasses for seasons

And grace to nothing?

Take a minute and think deep

A selfless positive change is all we crave

Is that too much to ask?

It’s not too late to make a difference

Enough and enough

Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69
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