The White Lining In A Dark Sky

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He graduated in colours of the rainbow

Impressive moves and sacrifices towards professionalism

Personal development and struggles to be better

Months of serving his father land and developing his community

Although the community has not his time

Under the sun and in the rain

And the result of the drying and wetting?

Submissions to everything and anything

It doesn’t matter what his career objectives are

Online applications and real time street waka for job

Under the sun and in the rain

Man should maintain the status quo and survive

But then the heavy ubiquitous clause and condition:

Candidate must not be up to 25years as at the time of application

And the other crushing one. . .

Candidate must have 3 – 5years working experience

Permission to ask a few questions?

Who exactly is candidate?

How will candidate get the working experience when he never gets a job?

When he gets many months of repeated strikes as an undergraduate . . .

. . . and months of delay before mobilisation for service?

But then they call these a lazy one’s questions

Why can’t he do something for himself?

Why can’t he acquire a skill or learn a vocation?

Well, for many good panacea there’s a subtle predicament:

If we all make cakes and cloths how many are left to be customers?

Okay, pardon his shallow thinking.

Heavy storms and turbulence hovering around him

Some huge enough to tilt his strength and wet his eyes

But then he has reasons to smile

Barrage of reasons to rejoice and beam:

Many wielders of mighty rainbows died before graduation

Some took the turn from professionalism to lunacy

Tons struggle to walk, battling with ailments

And those that served their father land but got served grave misfortune in return?

Begging under the sun and in the rain for alms

Countless kidnapped and murdered

And a whole several other sad occurrences

In every challenge there’s a bud of change

For every misfortune there’s a reason to feel fortunate

In between all “below pars” lie some congratulations

The white lining in the dark sky we must find

The reason to smile and say . . .

Thank You Gracious One

Congratulations to me.
Congratulations to all qualified and certified graduates. #LAUTECH
Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69

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