Quick Scribble: Appreciation

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Many times we grumble and trail the path of depondency when it’s time to show our gratitudes to the most gracious One.

“Why should I?”, we silently ask from within.

“He claims to love me as my creator and father, yet He neglects me in almost everything that matters. I am still jobless and broke; I am not as smart as my peers despite my efforts; I am still a failure in all my endeavours; I am still without child despite my prayers and faithfulness; I am still this-, He has failed me in that. . .”

And while we complain, we wield our devices even though they’re not as smart as we wanted; scroll endlessly amidst our wandering thoughts, and then stumble upon words. Deep words that say it all.

“RIP dear brother. You gave no clue you’re leaving soon.”

“I can’t believe you’re gone pal. You have the best heart. This isn’t fair! Rest in peace.”

“We lost a gem. A rare gem! Sleep on Sister.”

Touching grieve laden words upon the passing of dear friends, employed and rich individuals, smart minds, epitomes of success, quintessences of fruitfulness, wonderful people who were this- and had not been failed in that. . .

And right at that moment, we understand the deep meaning of every happy birthday; the value of every breath; the significance of every heart beat. The greatest thing of all that ranks highest perpetually.

Life. Being alive.

Yes we may not have all we desire and deserve (yet), what about the ones we have but do not deserve?

What about life?

The one thing that holds us in place, ministering hope and whispering songs of a better tomorrow.

He who starves today but alive may feast on games greater than elephants tomorrow.

A crash piece inspired by a random facebook post of a grieving heart.
Commiseration to all who lost a gem.

Happy Birthday To Celebrants
May Your Days Be Long;
In Good Health And Prosperity
Señor Joe Loves You TamTam

2 thoughts on “Quick Scribble: Appreciation

    Yemie said:
    July 7, 2014 at 11:23 am

    And Tamtam and mummy dearest loves you soooo much more Senor Joe, you don’t know the half of it! You’re simply amazing and I’m so blessed to be acquainted with a free, loving spirit as you, Joe! Beneath all of the wits and comedic flows lies a sweet, braveheart. Keep keeping on Joe, God and we sef dey ya back gidigba! LOOL

    Wow! This post is so heart-wrenching and soul-stirring! I’m guilty of a lot of the ‘vices’ you pointed out here. Its so easy to get lost as we grumble and pant after the thigs we do not have, while making an absolute nonsense of the ones we already have. Like they don’t matter and are just petty, worthless and meaningless! Forgetting that in sincere thanksgiving and a grateful heart towards our Maker, the One that makes all things happen, lies the answers to our many requests. A grateful heart will always receive of a benefactor than an ingrate and a grumpy lump of a shrew! Great thinking, Monsieur! Keep bringing it! LOL


      Adewoyin Joseph responded:
      July 7, 2014 at 10:19 pm

      Oh ma’am!

      There’s a characteristic way your comments always make my heart do some serious back-flips and your-neck-could-break kinda acrobatics, plus some din-din-gba-din beats in my head.

      What more can I say—or write?

      Thanks for everything. I appreciate you more than my comments and replies can convey and I hope you know that. God bless you. Plenty, very and many fruitful years to Tammy.


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