Thanks for checking out the blog. Hopefully you’ll find a thing or two; with a melange of fun in between of course. 🙂

Joseph is a spontaneous gentleman who loves to explore, express, and entertain. He’s a free-expression enthusiast and an avid reader who, in his opinion, isn’t a writer but enjoys scribbling thoughts, opinions and experiences as a hobby, and as a medium of expressing himself; the idea behind the blog.

He’s neither a comedian nor a paragon of sobriety; he can however, be humorous in tandem with his straight-to-the-point-esque disposition. Personal development, networking, catching fun, bla blah and blahh are commodities of interest to him.

New followers should kindly take a tour and savour the posts. Kindly utilize the share buttons and the comment box at the end of the posts. Señor Joe wants you to do that. Consider it your shares in the blog’s equity; the impetus to make it better.

He has not written in a very long time, but you can check him on that popular book or like the blog’s facebook page here. His very own loquacious blue bird tweets @jossef69.

Contact mail: adewoyinjoseph018@gmail.com.

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