We All Can’t Be The Same

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We all can’t be the same, everyone has their speciality. If you think you are good, someone is better; if you are better, someone is the best. You are the best only because you haven’t seen your match yet. Can’t quite figure out the word, but it doesn’t just stop at best. There is always a step ahead and someone right there.

We do ponder within ourselves; He is not
from a different planet. He doesn’t have an alien-size brain nor a genius back in the days. Yet, he’s miles ahead! WHY? Well I can’t be certain about the reasons…it varies.

Being intimidated won’t move us an inch, neither will inferiority complex. They will only thwart our progress and freeze our potentials. They should not be a problem but rather, a challenge. We only have to crave to improve what we’ve got.

Though it takes lots of pain to gain what we aim, it doesn’t always go in vain. We all can’t be the same, just as we differ in names, but we can all be special in our game.

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Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69