Quick Scribble: A Luta Continua . . .

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This was supposed to be a response to a friend’s facebook status when he opined—and asked to be straightened (as if he was crooked ad initio)—that people should, in a way, do less of hashtagging, offer assistance, pray, and give less of adulation and attention to some celebrities who “still don’t get it”.

Somehow between then and now, the supposed comment evolved to this. Too long to be in the box, but enough to relax here comfortably with a glass of mohjito handy.

I’ll start by saying that all these celebrity rants about how their initiation or support—with hashtags—has been helping is nonsense because they’re now making it sound like it’s actually about them. Blame it on the crave for more attention; on death resistant habits; on persistent “village people” at work . . . Blame it on – anything.

I would, however, add that these hashtags have really helped. The campaigns too. Thanks to concerned individual, including celebrities. In a country where the C.-in-C. (be free to name the Cs as you please) danced while the blood of victims of the blood-curdling bomb blast was yet to cease flowing, mass campaigns and barrage of hashtags to keep our concern and rage flooding the media, cyberspace and other spaces, are what I see as wherewithal, inter alia, to communicate that people aren’t sweeping it under the carpet like before. As a friend would say, no be sheré sheré.

It’s really not a joke.

Now the world knows. Open letters and opinions dashing like darts. Aids and helps flying first class. Confessions trailing secrets. Mr President can’t close his two eyes anymore (perhaps out of concern, or the effect of a prior presidential power nap). Many other things happening . . . and yes, thanks to Mama Piece Mama Peace who never carries last, we just confirmed that indeed, #DiaRisGodOo

Prayer is good. Very important. But permit me to submit that we must do more. We’re wont to saying that the wall of Jericho fell with the shouts of the Hallelujahs (which I’m comparing to prayers in this context). Just like that? Was it ever that easy? What happened before the hallelujah-esque death blow? The bearing of the ark? The blowing of trumpets? The steady marches? All repeated for days!

We all don’t need to attend sunday schools to know that the verbs; bearing, blowing, marching and et cetera-ing (remember the initial spying?) are in many ways similar to showing empathy/concern, campaigning, opining, hashtagging and other present day et cetera-ing. All repeated for days!

Why then must we stop?

Perhaps with new twists, but we must stop NOT. Efforts are in full gears, but we must contribute our quotas too.

Writing on #ChibokGirls now is what some would tag “late arrival”, “old news”. . . but that’s just the point! Is it over yet?

Let’s act in unity to #BringBackOurGirls

I vote #Synergy, not #Anarchy

We could do things differently for a start:

Proffer solutions; criticize constructively.

Provide intelligence when you have it.

Offer assistance in any capacity you can.

Support more concerned folks and victims.

Pray more. Act more. Rant less.

By all means necessary, do something productive.

This Jericho must fall

Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69
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For The Love Of Our Country

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The time has come to ponder and reason

Not only on the takings and killings

But also on the class that governs the season

Insensitive to its subject’s sufferings

Pouring promises, doing nothing

“Cluelessness and inaction” its supposed apt theme

Song from tale of yore crawls to fore:

As long as I’m completely full

I care less if everybody dies of hunger . . .

. . . as long as I’m completely full

Doesn’t matter who blows to smithereens

It matters not if “they” all get kidnapped

Even if it happens over and over

So long safety is guaranteed for them and theirs

Eni tó bá máa kú kó kú

Or how do you explain the prolong delays;

A brutal weapon in the arsenal of an insincere

Enough time to device manoeuvres

At the expense of the tears of bereaved families

And the unrest of longing folks and parents

Committee set-up in the place of quick bold steps

Security blueprint of a gloomy hue

While many die en masse

And the rest at the fear of imminent danger

Who knows who’s next?

A waiting committee we will not become

Imprisonment in our own abode we won’t condone

Now’s not the time for politicking

Seek help and ditch the lagging


#ChibokGirls are our sisters



At the end it won’t be about the blueprints, promises, committees, blame shifts . . . but the successes of the actions in the face of challenges.

Eni tó bá j’oyè àwòdì, ó ye kó le gb’ádìye.

Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69
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