Ripples: The Brute, the Bad and the Snitch

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My absence on the blog has fetched me several names in the past, but none has been more solid than the one I got some weeks ago.

He must have seen me in his dream or something. I’ll bet he woke up and decided to drag out the object of his nightmare. BBM helped him do that. I’ll call him Brutus.

Brutus: You eh? Na wah to you!

I was waiting for my garri to elevate to the benchmark at the time.

Me: Sir, what I do??

Brutus: You have backslid.

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Words From A Grieving Heart

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Hellish lots going down in torrents:

A group of persons brewing turmoil

Deranged hypocrites with pinch of stale senses

Is slaying defenseless citizens war?

Privileged beings fuelling terror

Cloaked monsters behind oars of serenity

Killers that will give all to never die

Yet playing god, sending hordes to grave

Billions sublime in dollars like they grew wings

And the culprits waltz and gallivant like royalties

The bigger you steal the better your chances

Petty theft long out of vogue

Programmes to ameliorate masses’s pains

Run on budget that enriches the already rich

Hundreds claiming much of what belongs to many millions

Youthful ambitions and dreams shattered to smithereens

Embers deprived of air till they extinguish

Masses toil and sweat but get no treat

Resource curse and the peculiar mess

Thousand promises and a few dozen deliveries

Crooked minuscule executions

Multiple points agenda sheathing a single agendum:

“Granting limbs and wings to public funds”

Ample index but a rumpled people

Giant of Africa with gigantic needs

Where’s the sense in that?

A plethora of plain nonsense!

Treat the masses like a heap of mess

Peddle and gain from their ills and sufferings

Wallow in the delusion of their powerlessness

From their yearns strength and zeal shall kindle

The Greatest lifts and shifts with ease at will

How does grace to grass feels?

Ask the sovereign that fed on grasses for seasons

And grace to nothing?

Take a minute and think deep

A selfless positive change is all we crave

Is that too much to ask?

It’s not too late to make a difference

Enough and enough

Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69
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Oga Police

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photo credit: Google images

photo credit: Google images

You tok say you be my friend
Yet you lock me up like I’m a fiend
Crook means to a personal end
Etched on the wall I clearly see
“Bail is free” in bold prints
Scratch that I don’t agree
Nothing is quite free
Not in your world it’s not real

You tok say you dey for us
“To protect and serve with integrity”
But in reality it’s sheer cupidity
A better slogan for your “civility”:
“To harass and embarrass with alacrity”
Ludicrous questions and disgrace
How unsound they sound doesn’t matter
“Kola” is the subject matter
The earlier one “rogers” the better

You tok say our safety is priority
Perhaps “priority” is a complex word
A fuzzy one I can’t comprehend
‘Cuz you pull the trigger openly
On innocents and “unco-operatives”
“Accidental discharge” your excuse
The clandestine hiring of guns
To the same you swore to curb
You set it all in motion
And sit to watch the safety-catch turn off

You don’ yarn us well enough
Now we know much more
Wholly engulfed by the rancour
What you represent you most neglect
The near opposites you elect
What’s height if you’re not erect?
Of course there are roses in the thorns
But the proportion justifies the tone
Let the uniform and heart not be the same
The black pot can make a white pap
Only then shall we be pals

Oga police do us well

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Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69

Corruption: The Crystal Menace

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In the usual high pitch I said, “Corruption must stop…” and they all replied, “…starting from you.”

Rewinding to a few months before this time…

It was the third month of my service year. Despite putting in for the Red Cross group in camp (as my to-be CDS group), I finally found myself in a town where Red is a trance, and Cross, a dream. Such simply doesn’t exist there.

Good got better when I was posted to the ICPC CDS group just upon my arrival. The acronym stands for Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (sure you know that already). The CDS group’s principal objective being the sensitization of all on corruption; preaching the 3Rs of ICPC — Reject, Resist and Report corruption.

Fast forward to the immediate past…

It was another sensitization programme. A secondary school in the LGA was the location. I had just finished a speech on corruption and I decided to conclude it with a catchy note using the slogan. I got the response I expected and the applaud was nice. I felt good, but as I approached my seat I felt something more.

“Corruption must stop, starting from you.”

The words echoed deep within me. It mysteriously dawned on me that I’ve just been saying it like another mantra; well articulated in the mouth involuntarily, but with meagre meaning in the heart.

The question I asked myself was if the move to stop corruption had actually started from me, because any answer apart from a YES would only mean I’m preaching what I don’t practice.

This moment…

In reality, the answer to that question is a NO, at least to a large extent. A few times we’ve done things not really in line with the acceptable ways that conforms with ethics and societal code of conduct; my simple definition of corruption.

A number of times I’ve answered NO to the “Four-Way Test” (fellow members of the Paul P. Harris family will get this faster #Rotaract). Society abuses and curses dirty leaders in power (I think they deserve worse things…no apologies), forgetting that corrupt leaders of today are often times, evolved privileged corrupt youths of yesterday.

A fraudster, scammer or yahoo boy can conveniently open many tabs on his laptop, begin “business” with his “clients” on some tabs while simultaneously reading about political scandals and embezzlements on another tab, writing comments like; “Wxgwrtyh should be hanged. Blaawdy thief!” “Phtydxzyns is kleptomaniac. Shameless pig!” “Preposterous! We need a change.” Really nice and apt comments, they sound like fair justice. A better justice, however, is to hang that “Blaawdy” reader as well for that change to come to fruition. [What do you think?]

Several role reversals. Haven’t we seen upholders of justice who bribed their way to the top? Haven’t we seen school counsellors who impregnate students? Executives who embezzle? Nepotic employers? Crooked jurors? Policemen who commit, aid, and abet? Bankers who falsify? Law-makers who manipulate? Reprobate religious leaders? The list is infinite.

It is high time the pot took some quality time to bleach before reproaching the kettle with blackness. Neither pot nor kettle has the right to melanophobia; except they change to those in standard 21st century kitchens — the desired transformation. Be and practice what you preach.

Relax. Self-examine. Before you point fingers and complain about rampant poverty, unemployment, injustice, insecurity of life and property, and decaying infrastructure which are the common features largely attributable to the high incidence of corruption, understand that several rivulets make a river. We have individual roles to play. Reflecting the ideal individually, and daily corrupt-free living is a sure-fire purge the society needs.

If I don’t dishonestly pay to get favour and there’s no one at the receiving end, will there be BRIBERY? If you are empathetic with others, will EMBEZZLEMENT exist? If he treats others the same way he wants to be treated, will CRIMINAL ACT and INJUSTICE survive? If she desires equality and quality, will NEPOTISM be a topic? If we all strive individually but in oneness, we definitely won’t have to discuss CORRUPTION.

I’m not painting myself a saint, I only have what some lack; conscious and continuous effort against the aberration. I can’t hoard it, there’s plenty to go round. I did I’m doing my part. Be contented with what you have. Shun immoral and illegal acts. Love all as you love yourself. Do your part and spread the news.

Reject, Resist and Report Corruption.
Corruption will stop, if it starts from you.

Photo credit: Google images

Photo credit: Google images

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Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69