Giant african snail

Nigeria… The Giant Of Africa

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I know a nation that stands tall
The giant of Africa she’s called
Although that sounded like a misnomer
I’m mistaken perhaps
But giants behold short and dwarf from above
I’m yet to see that happen
Except in some areas I’m not proud of

Here’s what I see:

I see a giant african snail
She’s big and popular
Blessed and prolific;
Give her a field and she turns it to a colony
A survivor of limited equals
Even in dearth she thrives
Silently she sleeps when the time is hard
Such flexibility and ingenuity in a calcareous shell
A beautiful sight in a nutshell

Often I choose the beauty
Even if the reality is a pickle that prickles
But for how long?
Not when the tingles persist
Now I see more
I see the giant that voraciously consumes the green till it’s gone
Anything goes for her;
The dirt and the rubbish alike
Then she moves on when there’s none
Truly she’s a survivor
One who doesn’t pick cues from better survivors;
The ants that work and save for the rainy days
Tiny ant prepares for the adverse
But this giant beauty sleeps in the worst
Until nature smiles on her
From birth she grows with haste
To the point where she waits
The shell that protects also limits
She doesn’t really want much
So long she eats and begets more to finish the flush
I see a creature that can sleep for Africa!

Of course she can change
A set of instincts she must drop
Conservatism is not always bliss
It’s time to evolve and ditch the yore
To move beyond the past at a quick pace
Not as the giant that she was or is
But as a giant she should be
The moment is now
Nigeria awake

Happy independence.
God bless Nigeria @53 and beyond.
God bless Nigeria again.
Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69