For The Love Of Our Country

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The time has come to ponder and reason

Not only on the takings and killings

But also on the class that governs the season

Insensitive to its subject’s sufferings

Pouring promises, doing nothing

“Cluelessness and inaction” its supposed apt theme

Song from tale of yore crawls to fore:

As long as I’m completely full

I care less if everybody dies of hunger . . .

. . . as long as I’m completely full

Doesn’t matter who blows to smithereens

It matters not if “they” all get kidnapped

Even if it happens over and over

So long safety is guaranteed for them and theirs

Eni tó bá máa kú kó kú

Or how do you explain the prolong delays;

A brutal weapon in the arsenal of an insincere

Enough time to device manoeuvres

At the expense of the tears of bereaved families

And the unrest of longing folks and parents

Committee set-up in the place of quick bold steps

Security blueprint of a gloomy hue

While many die en masse

And the rest at the fear of imminent danger

Who knows who’s next?

A waiting committee we will not become

Imprisonment in our own abode we won’t condone

Now’s not the time for politicking

Seek help and ditch the lagging


#ChibokGirls are our sisters



At the end it won’t be about the blueprints, promises, committees, blame shifts . . . but the successes of the actions in the face of challenges.

Eni tó bá j’oyè àwòdì, ó ye kó le gb’ádìye.

Adewoyin Joseph || @Jossef69
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